Homegrown - Homemade

Before the onset of Synthetic dyes. Natural dyes were used in the textile industry. There are many plants for dying and plants can be ridded and stripped to make cordage and spun to make natural fibers for weaving and plant dyes can be added to make various colours for projects.

All can be grown and produced straight from the garden. The most popular plants for dyeing is Madder (red) Woad and Weld (blue) and the top dye plant is Coreopsis (yellow)

But I do not use the plants just for dyeing and other creative projects. I also like to eco print on to natural fibers. The best fabrics to use is Cotton, Silk, Linen and Calico. The printed fabrics are used to make Bags, clothes and gifts.

I have a allotment at the bottom of the garden, all set up and ready for this years growing season 2023. If interested in learning more about what plants to grow and dye with, book a workshop and discover that there is more to just sewing a garden for pleasure.


I have learnt to spin and weave so will be adding these to the website.. Most will be available to buy at local events. Items made from recycled materials or spun from animal or plant fibres.